Pricing Info

Pricing is determined on a case by case basis. Each garment is designed differently from different fabrics which makes it difficult to give a firm estimate online or over the phone. 

Prices are subject to change without notice and are solely determined by the owner! 
These prices are basic estimates but exact pricing for your garments cannot be determined until they have been fitted to you!

Pant hems ranging from $11 to $15
Take in/let out of pants and casual dresses ranging from $14 to $25
Take in/let out of formal dresses ranging from $25 to $50
Casual dress hems ranging from $12-$20
Formal dress hems starting at $40

  • Rush fees will apply to anything needed in less than 2 business days, starting at $5
  • An additional charge will apply if I am required to travel outside of my regular areas to do fittings and/or deliver completed items.
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