Important Information

The Nitty Gritty...NONE of this is meant to offend you. I have been doing this for a while now and while I will admit that I dont know everything (I am only human after all!) I do know what DOESNT work! PLEASE do not try and force me to do something that I am not comfortable with. If I have tried something before and it didnt work, I will kindly tell you so...

From your first phone call to me...

  • Appointments are required for any new alterations. Please call ahead for an appointment!
  • I work from home part time and let my voice mail pick up most phone calls. In order to protect my personal family life from work demands 24/7 I do not always answer the phone. Kindly leave me a voice mail and I will return your call by the end of the next business day!
  • I am usually able to return alterations within a few days, up to one week.
  • PLEASE NOTE that it may take slightly longer for work to be completed from time to time depending on the season and current demand.  Thank you for your understanding!
  • I only accept cash or personal check with ID. NO CREDIT/DEBIT cards will be accepted!
  • Pre-payment for your items upon drop off is greatly appreciated  for all alterations! 
  • For prom/bridal/formal wear pre-payment is REQUIRED.

To the time of your fitting...

  • ALL CLOTHING MUST BE CLEAN FOR ALTERATIONS!!!!! You wouldnt want to touch someone elses dirty clothing and neither do I!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS will be made!
  • Please be on time for your appointment. If you cannot make your appointment or need to change the date/time, please call ahead.
  • Please allow me to fit the clothing to you. If you insist on pinning your clothing yourself, I will only guarantee that it will be accurate to where it was pinned, NOT the actual fit!
  • Please pay attention during your fitting. This is YOUR responsibility!!! When I fit you for your clothing, you are accepting the length/fit that I am proposing. I do the work according to the pins and instructions. Once the fabric is cut, it cannot be put back!!!!
  • Standing on your tippie toes WILL NOT substitute for the pair of shoes you will be wearing! I CANNOT guarantee that your hem will be accurate if you insist on doing the fitting without the proper shoes...END OF STORY!!!
  • For all fittings...Please bring shoes and undergarments (bra, bodyshaper, etc...) with you for your appointment as this will affect the way your clothing will fit.
  • For Formal wear...Please allow 30 minutes for the initial fitting. Please also allow 30 minutes when you pick up your item so that you may try it on (with shoes and undergarments) to be sure that you are pleased with the fit.
  • My Expedite Fee for Standard alterations is $10. For formal wear it is $20. Please note that under some circumstances I may not be able to accept alterations on short notice.
To the time that you pick up your finished items...
  • I only accept cash or personal check with ID. NO CREDIT/DEBIT cards will be accepted!
  • The ticket stub/claim check is REQUIRED for item pick up!
  • I make every effort to have your items done on the date they are promised. Should I not be able to keep this promise, I will call you the day before.
  • Please be prepared to pick up your items on the day they are promised. Many times I work over time in order to keep my promises! If you wont be available to pick up your items on the day offered to you, please let me know and so that I can try and work around your schedule!
  • Items left for 3 months past their pick up date will be considered as abandoned and will be donated to a local charity after 3 attempts to contact the owner of the item!
  • Should you have any questions or concerns about your clothes after you pick them up, please give me a call! It is my personal goal to be certain that you are happy with your alterations!


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